Hello 2016.

I made so many resolutions and goals this year and for once I'm actually going to try and make them stick, at least a few.

One of them, was to blog, journal, and document my life more: take more pictures, write more things down. So here I am writing my shit down.
I have also started an art journal; it sort of came with the idea of hand lettering. I have only started a few little pages, but I really enjoy it.
Second was to learn new skills, so I started hand lettering, and it's pretty damn fun. I also would like to get better at web design, I already know quite a bit of html and css but it can never hurt to learn more. Here are some pictures of my art journal & hand lettering.
Art Journal Typography 
Third, to eat better. I actually have done quite well on this, I live in a house of crudivores, and I, personally, could never not eat cooked food. Hot soup in the winter and melted cheese on pizza, are you actually kidding me right now. But I have however, given up crisps and chocolate and all that shit. I mean, mostly. I am actually pretty pleased with my diet now. Oh and also I said I would go to the gym, and I bought some cute work out clothes, but I'm having motivation issues. Sorry for the instagram quality picture !

Tofu Vegan Sandwich

Fourth, to quit smoking. I'll get back to you on that one.

So here's to hoping I can do at least one of these fucking things before it's suddenly New Years again.

Memories of 2015 - Birthday in Barcelona on film.

Welcome to my new blog, and to a new year ! It's perhaps a tad late to be calling this year "new", but better late than never.
I made so many resolutions and goals this year and for once I'm actually going to try and make them stick, at least a few. This blog post isn't about resolutions though, that will be later on. I know it's already too late but suck it I do what I want.

This is a collection of the film photographs I took in Barcelona when I  went to celebrate my birthday in October. It was a surprise trip for me and my boyfriend, paid for by my mum. We went on the bus, and stayed in an Air b&b. It was lovely, the tourists had mostly left, the weather was warm but not stuffy, and the food was ace. I had the best veggie burger in my short sad life in this really hipster restaurant where the menus were on cork clipboards with polaroids, I shit you not.
Anyway, here are my favorite picks of the photos I took, so I can remember 2015 fondly as I put my 2016 goals and dreams into motion.

Sagrada Familia Barcelona

Statue Barcelona

Barcelona Library

Barcelona Cathedral Interior

Barcelona Wax Museum

Barcelona Shop Interior

Barcelona Bubble Blowing

Barcelona Bubbles Street

Barcelona Dock Boats

Barcelona Monument

Barcelona Cute Shop Interior

Thanks for checking out my blog, hope to see y'all soon.