Hello 2016.

I made so many resolutions and goals this year and for once I'm actually going to try and make them stick, at least a few.

One of them, was to blog, journal, and document my life more: take more pictures, write more things down. So here I am writing my shit down.
I have also started an art journal; it sort of came with the idea of hand lettering. I have only started a few little pages, but I really enjoy it.
Second was to learn new skills, so I started hand lettering, and it's pretty damn fun. I also would like to get better at web design, I already know quite a bit of html and css but it can never hurt to learn more. Here are some pictures of my art journal & hand lettering.
Art Journal Typography 
Third, to eat better. I actually have done quite well on this, I live in a house of crudivores, and I, personally, could never not eat cooked food. Hot soup in the winter and melted cheese on pizza, are you actually kidding me right now. But I have however, given up crisps and chocolate and all that shit. I mean, mostly. I am actually pretty pleased with my diet now. Oh and also I said I would go to the gym, and I bought some cute work out clothes, but I'm having motivation issues. Sorry for the instagram quality picture !

Tofu Vegan Sandwich

Fourth, to quit smoking. I'll get back to you on that one.

So here's to hoping I can do at least one of these fucking things before it's suddenly New Years again.

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