Family photoshoot

Hey dudes,
Recently I went back to see my family in the south for 10 days, as I live most of the time in Paris. I had a great time doing nothing, sitting around and watching tv. But my mum wanted me and my sister to do a photoshoot with her (I mean, her take the photos and us be pretty). So we also tied it up with getting some good digital shots of the clothes my sister makes.
My mum is a film photographer, and the film photos will be posted to this blog when they're developped, but here is a sneek peak at the photos and clothes.
My sister made her outfit and my crop top by hand. If you're interested in her work, go check out her website / blog.

Sisters Girls Photoshoot

Girl Portrait

Tattooed Girl Portrait

Tattooed Girl Portrait

For anyone interested in the other clothing, my high waisted jeans are from Primark, and my boots were thrifted. My necklace is from eBay, and my wooden plug was a Christmas gift.

Thanks for reading,
see y'all soon !

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