Jessica Barensfeld & Simon Howell // Interior Design

I'm sorry to announce that I've been planning an outfit of the day post for ages, but I can't seem to get any fucking sunlight. It's been raining non stop. God Paris is so overrated I swear, the weather is as bad as England. 
Also when I woke up this morning, I was very sick. I think I ate too much pizza last night, but I was really not feeling it, so I went back to bed for a bit.

So I decided to share something I love instead of taking photos of myself (which I really don't wanna do right now). This interior, the house of Jessica Barensfeld & Simon Howell. These beautiful photos were taken for an interview on Freund von Freunden, so go check it out.

I just love all the bits and bobs, the organized chaos, the mix and match of old and new, it's really beautiful. It actually takes a lot of effort for your house to look shabby yet homely. 

I'm so sorry for the quick post, I promise to do an OOTD as soon as the sun shows it's fucking head. 

Thanks for reading x


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