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Today I decided to collect up all my empty bottles and pots of goo that I have lying around, and before throwing them out (or, in the case of the lush items, putting them somewhere safe so when I have collected 5 I can exchange them for a free item), take some photos and review them here. So here are the empty pots I have acquired since, well probably about January. Obviously there are plenty of products that I have thrown the packages away, so this is just a snippet of some shit I have tried over the winter. I'm sorry for all the non cruelty free products, but I only recently decided to use only cruelty free products, so I'm still using up some of my old shit. Also, you can now Follow my blog with Bloglovin if you want.

LUSH - "Dream Cream" Body Cream

Lush Dream Cream Body Cream Review

Probably my favorite body cream I've ever used. The smell is just amazing, musky and floral. It's made with oats and lavender, and oh my god do they smell gooooood.  It is not too thick and sticky, but also not too liquid. Perfect consistency, hydrating it and leaving it smelling amazing. The only thing I would say is it stays a little bit wet on the skin for a few minutes, so after applying I would usually wait 5 minutes before putting clothes on.

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LUSH - "H'suan Wen Hua" Hair Mask
H'Suan Wen Hua Lush Hair Mask Review

I'd never actually used one before trying this. It's made with spices, bananas, avocados and more; this includes unfortunately, eggs. I wouldn't repurchase this product because I didn't actually know there were eggs in it. Although, it is a good product, I love the smell and consistency, and it does make my hair feel soft. However it didn't make a huge difference, and having to apply it to dry hair and leave on for 20 minutes is kind of a pain, considering it isn't as softening as a good conditioner. But it did leave a nice smell ! It did feel like my hair was softer / shinier after use, but meh. I would recommend buying a good conditioner instead, and making your life easier.

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YVES ROCHER - "Sebo Végétal" Face Cream
☆ - Not cruelty free
Yves Rocher Face Cream Review

Would've given this 5 stars if it was cruelty free; this company has recently begun shipping their products to China; as you may or may not know, the laws on animal testing are different there, and so any company that knowingly exports to China is basically an accessory to animal testing, even if the company itself doesn't run the tests. This really bugs me, because I love this god damn cream. The smell is so fresh and summery, like fresh cut grass. It hydrated my face without giving me any spots or oily patches. Fuck you Yves Rocher.

YVES ROCHER - "Sébo Végétal" Face Mask
☆ - Not cruelty free
Yves Rocher Purifying Clay Mask Review

Very very drying. It was nice and had the same scent as the face cream, but it was uncomfortable to wear and made my face very dry. However, the combination with the cream was nice, because the cream re-hydrated after using the mask. But then it just begs the question, what was the point ? I made my skin dry and then hydrated it. I didn't notice any visible difference in blemishes. But god damn it smelt good, and you know, it's always nice to put on a face mask.

AUSSIE - "Miracle Moist" Conditioner
☆ - Not cruelty free
Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner Review

I thought this was cruelty free for the longest time and I'm so disappointed to find out it isn't ! I love this conditioner so much, the smell, the feel, and the way it makes my hair look. My hair is so soft and shiny after using it it feels like a baby angel took a dump on my head. If anyone knows of a really good vegan conditioner, I'm all ears. Fuck you Aussie !

NIVEA - "Soft" Body & Face Cream
 - Not cruelty free
Nivea Soft Body Cream Cheap Review

Very cheap body cream and works surprisingly well. Smells like fresh cotton and definitely hydrates. Not as nice smell/consistency as the lush dream cream, but soooo much cheaper. Would not buy this again, as it is tested on animals.

L'OREAL - "Architect 4D" Mascara
☆ -  Not cruelty free
L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara Review

I loved this mascara. I knew this wasn't cruelty free but at the time I bought it I wasn't bothered. It really lengthened and separated my lashes ! Usually mascaras that are very lengthening kind of clump together, but this truly was a beaut. However, there are PLENTY of cruelty free mascaras that work just as well or better, like Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, or if you're low on money, E.L.F mascara is a good choice, although it ain't quite as good, it stands up okay, just be aware of clumping. I run an eyebrow brush (the two sided ones with the plastic comb) through my eyelashes after freshly applying mascara if it goes clumpy.

Welp, those are all the empties I could find scattered about my room/bathroom. Let me know if you enjoyed these reviews, and I'll keep it in mind for a later blog post.

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  1. great empties dear. I love the Nivea soft cream, It used to b mine all time cream. and LUSH is the best :) Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and other social media :) x