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As you may have noticed, we are well into April / Spring now, but as you also may or may not know, I am a highly skilled procrastinator, and that is why I am posting shit about Spring on April 12th.
I know it's been over a month since I blogged, but honestly I've just been chillin. Nothing much to blog about, unless you're interested in how much I played League of Legends, which I doubt.

Anyway, I decided to look to Pinterest for some good inspo for blogging, and decided to pick some of my favorite things over the last month and group them together. If you're interested in my Pinterest, check it out here.


So first of all I'm going to talk about fashion inspiration for Spring/Summer 2016. I don't keep up with what's actually 'on trend', because that's too much effort, but here are some things I've been loving.

March Fashion Favorites Clothes Shoes Beauty Pinterest

1.Matte Grey Nails.
You may notice the neutral colors in all my favorites, I just really dig neutrals right now, for everything; fashion, home decor, whatever. Neutrals for the win. I just thought these were a beautiful choice, matte nails are so lovely, and I usually only wear black nail polish (if I even wear any), and I thought grey was a nice alternative with won't clash with anything. And I really hate all the time consuming nail art I see, like it takes an hour to get right just so you can watch it crack off after a day ? Nail polish should be quick and easy dude.

2.Floral Blouse.
I found this on Pinterest and I just love the print. As a wise woman once said, "Florals for spring ? How original". But what the hell, florals ARE good for Spring, so shut it Meryl.
I have a few similar pairs of shorts, and I mean if you want to go high-end you can always shop Levis, at least they'll be durable, but you could also just buy a pair of mom jeans from a thrift store and cut them down. Lucky me I live somewhere where I can snag Levis in a second hand shop for pennies, but for those of you that can't, just pick any high waisted blue jeans and cut and roll, or if that's too much effort, just pick up a cheap-o pair from an online store like this pair from SheIn. These kind of shorts have been in style for a really long time, and I think if you own a pair you'll definately get your money's worth.
As for the blouse, I have looked all over and could only find a sold listing on Etsy that looked exactly the same, but I mean, floral shirts aren't exactly a rarity, you can pick them up at any thrift store. I did find this lovely blouse for just 15 dollars, though. I personally own a floral blouse which is a similar cut, but not print.

3. Black Birkenstock Sandals.
I've wanted some Birkenstocks for pretty much ever, but as I am now a vegan I won't be buying real leather ones. However I do really like the design of these ones, and wanted to put them here anyway. They're sold out on UO, but you can purchase similar ones on Birkenstocks official website, or try your luck on eBay.

4. This whole outfit
This outfit is so simple and so cute. Like I said, NEUTRALS people. This is originally from this girls Tumblr.
Obviously I don't need to help you find a basic t-shirt or high waisted black jeans. Also I believe the shoes are vintage, but I think this would look just as good with some low black Dr Martens. I have a fake pair purchased from h&m because Dr Martens are hella expensive; lots of high street shops do a version of low DM's so keep your eyes open. There's also this pair on SheIn, which are for sure a cheaper option, even if they're not exactly the same.

5. Mum Jeans
I grabbed my pair of these for nothing on Romwe. The previous link is to the exact pair I own, and I honestly can't complain, they are really lovely. I love Romwe, it's so affordable and they're always having mega sales. The quality isn't much to rave about, but the prices are so low, what did you expect. I mean they're not terrible quality, my jeans for example are pretty great; sometimes you just might get a sweatshirt with arms that are too short and a snag appears, but it's still a good website, and I have ordered many times and will again. Of course if you want to flash the cash, go for Levis, obviously.

6. Black Maxi Dress
This exact dress is available here for 48USD. I personally am going to try and make myself a similar one, as I have a little bit of experience sewing and I thought it would be a fun project, so I'll keep you updated when I start.
I have never really liked maxi dresses, but I think a basic black one with such a simple cut is a really nice item to have for summer. I also love mesh, and dresses you can wear bra's with, because I'm busty and proud.


For this section, I'm really into wood and ceramics at the moment. Obviously still neutral colors, lots of light and fresh air.

March Home Interior DIY Favorites

1. Palette Bed 
Me and Baptiste are going to put our bed up on palettes, we really like the idea, and since our bed is just on the floor it's a good recipe for mould. It looks really good and costs nothing if you repurpose old palettes, sometimes you can find them out in the street. Also, I love wood.

2. Crate Storage
This is another nice low cost idea. We have turned up some of these crates under the rats cage for extra storage and keeping them off the cold floor. It's really useful for shoving shoes in and looks really cute. You can buy these from Etsy or eBay, but you can probably grab them cheaper in thrift stores or sometimes at the dump.

3. Wooden Utensils.
These are so beautiful and unique, I couldn't find the link to these exact ones but you can pick up handmade wooden utensils on Etsy, in thrift stores, or try your hand at making them yourself. I particularly like the wooden bowls, and so I found these cute ones (less cute, but also much cheaper) ones on Amazon.

4. Ceramics
These particular ceramics are by Helen Levi. I really love handmade ceramic kitchenware in neutral tones. I think these would look amazing next to some wooden bowls...


With the arrival of Spring, we need less hot comfort foods and more fresh, salad-y type nonsense. Or whatever, I just like food, all food, all day, every day.

March vegan healthy food favorites

1. Vegan Garlic Bread
Garlic bread. That is all.
No but seriously, garlic bread. Since I have recently become a vegan, I've been looking up vegan ways to make foods I love, and Garlic Bread is very important in every way. These breadsticks look so effing good I want to lick my screen. Also, garlic bread.

2. Improved Smoothies.
So who doesn't love smoothies. This particular pin is for an Acai smoothie, but personally I prefer red fruit. Baptiste makes the best smoothies, filled with strawberries, rasperries, bananas, almond milk and freshly made apple juice.
But I also wanted to talk about vavooming up your shit. Personally I do this with soya yoghurt rather than smoothies; I add a handful of crushed almonds, a handful of oats, some raisins and sometimes a drop of agave syrup (if I'm not sharing with my ratties). It's quick, easy, vegan, and delicious. Oh, and cheap. Also, my rats live for that shit, and it does them a lot of good for their little tummies.

3. Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Hummus
Hummus is my jam. I could eat it by the spoonful all day and not get bored. Mostly, that's because you can make it different every time, by adding a tad more or less spice, tahini, some different herbs, etc. This recipe for sun dried tomato hummus is calling my name so hard. I'm gonna make this bitch and I'm gonna eat this bitch, you just watch.

4. Mediterranean Grilled Avocado
If someone whispers avocado 3 miles away I appear in the shadows. I love avocado more than a sane person should love any food, and when I saw "stuffed with chickpeas and tahini", my first thought was HUMMUS AVOCADO. Double kill.
I will report back on these once I have had the joy of consuming them.

I was going to do a whole new section about crafts and such, but I figure this post has gone on long enough, and I would like to do an entire post about what I've been crafting and my inspiration.
I hope you enjoyed this post, see y'all soon !


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