What's in my bag ?

You know what's legit one of my favorite posts to read & videos to watch ? "What's In My Bag", so I'm doing one.

what's in my bag céline

So my bag is an imitation of the Céline luggage thing, I got it on Amazon last year for 30 euros, you can here it out here, there are loads of colors. I really like it, especially because it's not real leather so no cruelty was involved. I actually prefer the look of the material to real leather, it's kind of grainy. Really good and sturdy, I carry a lot of heavy shit around and it holds up great. It comes with an optional shoulder strap which I originally thought I would use more, but it actually kind of changes the bag shape when you carry it with the shoulder strap and sort of pulls in the side flaps, which I really like, to I usually carry it with the handles. 

I'm not a very organised person, but I try to keep my bag clean, and always have what I need inside. Probably because I'm so unorganised, I need to know I have all my shit in my bag.
Welp anyway, here is a list of the shit I carry in my shit carrier.

what's in my bag céline

what's in my bag céline

what's in my make up bag

what's in my make up bag

  1. Small Make-Up Case.
I thought I'd start with this because there is loads more crap inside the little bag, and not just make up.
    - Paracetamol: Because I'm such a pussy.
    - Ear Plugs: You never know when you're going to want to have a sleep on the train and a baby will choose that moment to start screaming.
    - Tampons: Because, well, it's fairly obvious.
    - Lip Balm: For my little baby mouth.
    - Mascara: This mascara isn't very good, I got it in England when I was there last year at Poundland. It doesn't do much either than make my lashes blacker, and it's ok for touching up your mascara throughout the day.
    - Eyeliner: This is one of those twisty ones because I never manage to sharpen my eyeliners properly. It's not very pigmented though, so I just shove it in here for touch ups.
    - Perfume: Sephora Green tea sample. It smells pretty nice.
    - Deodorant: Cause, you know, what if you smell ?
    - Concealer: E.L.F Cream concealer, for touch ups.
    - Hydrating Cream: This was a free sample from Yves Rocher, I quite like and since it's so cute and tiny it's perfect for carrying around.
    - Hand Sanitizer: So if I decide I want a picnic after touching someones dog I won't die.
    - Compact Mirror: I found this in a thrift shop like, forever ago.
    - Rings: Because I put them on and then they make my fingers green so I put them in my case. I got these of eBay.

  2. Notebook
Just a little thing Baptiste gave me to write down shit when I'm out.

  3. Planner
I don't always carry this because sometimes when I'm writing in it at home I forget to put it back, but the intention is there. I usually carry it because otherwise I forget things before I write them down and end up panicking. My planner is an "Art Thérapie" planner, which has a coloring page a week. On the left side you have the seven days, and a new coloring page on the right. You can purchase it here for cheap.

  4. Gum
Because sometimes yeah, my breathe fucking stinks.

  5. Sunglasses
I have quite a few pairs of sunglasses but these are my favorite and the ones I wear the most. I should probably have a case for them but as I said earlier, unorganised, yo. You can purchase them here !

  6. Pencil Case
This just has a couple of little pens and pencils just for, you know, emergencies.

  7. Camera
At the moment I'm carrying my Praktica TL1000, although I usually prefer a little compact camera. I don't take so many photos anymore which is why I try and carry it, in case I get inspired suddenly in the frozen foods aisle.

  8. Wallet
Yeah I know it's missing a thing. I've had this for a few years now and it was quite cheap, I'll probably buy a new one soon. I do like the design though, and I prefer short wallets to those stupid long ones that don't fit anywhere but make you look like you have so much money.

  9. Fags
Gotta have mah fags yo. I smoke roll ups and I choose Fleur du Pays Blonde tobacco, because it's the only brand that I'm sure doesn't test on animals, and it tastes good. I normally have Rizla Micron papers, which I don't think you can get anywhere else but France, which is a shame because they're super thin and don't make your fag taste all papery. Pro tip: don't use thick papers for gods sake, you make as well smoke a roll of loo paper.

  10. Passport
I'm always forgetting to take this places, and then people don't believe that I'm over 18 for buying drink, or that I'm under 26 for getting into museums for free. Ugh.

  10. Tote Bag
I got this little orange tote at the Tate Modern in London, it was super cheap and a nice souvenir. I have a couple of tote bags and I always keep one stuffed in the bottom on my bag just in case I decide to pick up some shopping and don't want to buy yet another plastic bag to throw in the cupboard.

  10. Book
I don't always carry a copy of the shining, but it was in my bag 'cause I sometimes take a book on the bus. Good times.

  10. Phone
My phone is a Samsung smart phone, I think it's a Galaxy Ace something. It's not very good anymore, it's so laggy and annoying, but the camera isn't too bad, I mean it's no iPhone camera, but it's good enough for selfies. I have a Vans "Off the Wall" case I bought from eBay here.

So there it is, the contents of my shit fest, minus the receipts, tobacco flakes, chewing gum wrappers, et cetera. I usually have a water bottle, a plastic one from the shops that I fill up or buy when I inevitably lose it. I know, the planet hates me, but for gods sake reusable drinking bottles are expensive dammit. Sure I'd love a tumblr-esque glass bottle that I can put cut up bits of lemon in for "aesthetic", but last time I checked I wasn't Bill Gates. 

I would just like to ask how the FUCK people who always carry around snacks actually manage. Like, if I have a snack in my handbag, I'm either going to eat it as soon as I leave, or I will have already eaten it while watching TV. I can't just leave tasty snacks in my handbag like, what ?

Welp, hope to see you back again soon.


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  1. really nice post and amazing bag!

    Check it out my last post: http://www.honeyandcotton.org/una-giornata-a-rainbow-magicland/

  2. This is my favorite kind of post too! Love taking a peek inside people's bags! And yours is gorgeous!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  3. I love these kind of posts, I'm so nosey haha!

  4. You have a lot of things in your bag!!! It's probably bigger than it looks. I don't like carrying snacks either. I end up eating it all within minutes.

    Meghan | BeyondBasicBlog.com

    1. I know right, I put a snack in my bag and 5 minutes later I remember it's in there and I eat it. Wtf.

  5. I started bringing my planner with me everywhere, it keeps me more organized =o) also yes snacks! always have something to eat =o)