April Favorites

I know i'm late again, but I decided to do another monthly favorites post, because they're super fun.
As I said last time I've been feeling a bit ill recently, so sorry for the slow posting !
Welp, I guess we should just dive right in.

1. Bookbinding

Check out my Bookbinding Pinterest board here.

I've been getting really into making my own books; I made one for myself because it was kinda shit so I couldn't really give it away, and now I'm in the process of making one for my boyfriends mum and/or dad. I'm going to make them both a book. I got really inspired by some pins you can find here in my bookbinding pinterest board. I also love Sealemons youtube tutorials, she does loads of crap like bookbinding, casing, text blocks and some other stuff. I do wish she used the metric system though, cause 1/8th of an inch means fuck all to me. 

2. Handmade Ceramics

I get a big homeware boner when it comes to beautiful ceramics. I love handmade homeware, things like these are so unique and eye catching. I don't know if i'd actually use them for food though to be honest.

3. Bob's Burgers

Oh my god though, I have marathoned like the whole series in probably about 2 months. I'm so addicted and I'm nearly up to date, I don't know what I'll watch when I'm done, any ideas ? I can't really watch horror/stressful things at the moment so cartoons are good. 

I picked up four of these in my local bookstore each for under 2 euros, and they're so cute ! They contain one or a few short stories by notable authors. I picked up 2 Edgar Allen Poe books, a Brothers Grimm one and a H.G Wells story. They're just adorable.

5. ROMWE crop top

I love love love love crop tops so hard, and I love aliens, and I need this top so bad it's killing me that I'm so poor. It's so inexpensive too ! God bless you Romwe. It comes in a few colors, my faves are the white and baby pink.

6. Chamomile Tea

I usually drink coffee and black tea, but my doctor told me to cut out caffeine recently, so I've been drinking buckets of chamomile tea. I already drank it sometimes, but now it's pretty much my go-to hot beverage (besides Rooibos tea). If you have anxiety problems, definitely substitute black tea / coffee for herbal tea. It tastes bomb too, so that's cool.

Well I hope this was a fun time for you, I certainly had fun.
I'll be back at you soon with some new exciting and creatively worded bullshit, as usual.


6 commentaires :

  1. That Romwe crop top is way too adorable! And ahh, book binding sounds so fun. I'm never good at any sort of DIY but I think book binding is something I'll definitely want to look into. I hope you e
    gt well soon, Romy! x


    1. Thanks so much ! Bookbinding really is easier than people think, and saves a lot of money on stationary ! x

  2. I've heard so much about Bob's Burgers! I definitely need to watch it.
    I have a lot of anxieties as well, and I've found that herbal tea really does help. I've been loving green tea with a bit of verbena :) x Alona


    1. I can't drink green tea because it contains caffeine :( but I miss it ! And ugh, I miss coffee. Definitely give Bobs Burgers a try, it's really funny !

  3. Love that white and black crop top, awesome post, love it and love your blog!


  4. That bookbinding is super cute, love that white and black top :) Great faves dear !! x