Thrift // Mum's Closet Haul.

Yeah I know, it's been a bit of a long time since I last posted. Truth is I was at my parents and not only was I having a great time not worrying about anything, but I also felt pretty ill.

I'm catching up today with a thrift haul, plus a few bits I pulled out of the bottom of my mums closet. These are things she bought to sell on Etsy years ago, and when she closed her shop they just sat there, so I took 'em. 

So lets get started; 

Black floral child's skirt & Basic black button t-shirt.

This skirt says age 10 on it, and when I picked it up I was like "....... can I do it ?" and the answer is YES I FUCKING CAN. I squeezed my sausage body into this adorable piece of shit and I can rock it hard. I love the button details and the swoosh. 
The t-shirt is just a basic black button down top, but it fits really well and most importnantly it's suuuuper soft. Like baby buttcheek soft. 

High Waisted Light Wash Jeans

I just thought these were really cute. I actually thought they'd be baggier and more of a boyfriend cut but this looks nice too. They fit nice on the butt, I often have problems with high waisted jeans making my butt sag, but these do the job pretty nicely. And they look great with my little black h&m shoes. 

"Barbie" Grey Muscle Tee

When I saw this I was like elbowing everyone out of the way to get to it. I don't know I just love it so much, I think it looks so great with a flannel and some jeans. 

Green Mens Flannel

Well, I love flannels, all colours, sizes, everything. I just particularly liked the colours here, the green with a tiny bit of red is really cute. 

Multicolored Striped Cropped Shirt

This was at the bottom of my Mums closet, I love the design and it's so comfy. I like the length too, and I think this badboy would look awesome with any jeans and boots or a plain skirt. 

Vintage Boys T Shirt

I love this colour like, rusty orange is my shit. My mum got given this by a friend years ago and I used to wear it all the time, but I didn't think it would still fit me, and I hadn't seen it in years, but I think I can still rock it. 

Vintage Grunge Floral Dress

This also came from my mum. She had it listed on Etsy for ages but it never sold, and I thought it would look so freaking cool with some DM's and a hat. I like to leave it open at the bottom to get a lil sneaky sneaky sexy leg thing going on. 

Thanks for checking out my haul, I'll be sure to get my April Favorites up soon too.


5 commentaires :

  1. These are actually wonderful outfits... you really lucked out! I adore the floral circle skirt and the high-waisted jeans. Looks great!

    Lisa Favre

  2. So nice, love the skirt!

  3. Love that Barbie shirt and that skirt is super cute, lovely clothes Hun :) x