Making journals, coffee staining and scribbling.

Hey hey hey,

It's been about a month since my last post, so first I'd like to apologise for being such a wank sock. I honestly have no excuse other than I couldn't be fucked.

Moving on, I decided to post some pictures of the shit i've been doing since I last blogged. I really got into bookmaking (as I mentioned in my April Favorites post), and so I made myself a crappy journal out of printer paper and cardboard. It looked kinda shit to be honest, but it was my first try and now I have formed some sort of emotional attachement to this terribly made book, so I decided to use it as a journal. I've been pinning loads of inspiring journals, and I decided to make mine a sort of art - bullet journal. Art journals are just beautiful, and bullet journals are really practical, so I'm mixing both. Most bullet journals are very prissy, like all neatly lined and color coded and bla bla, which is kinda boring and ugly in my opinion. So I made this thing.

It originally was just brown paper that i'd drawn a mandala on, but I didn't like it so I stuck on some watercolour thing I did and made a little flag. It says bullet journal on the flag, but black on burgundy apparently isn't very vibrant. Who knew.

I made this journal using SeaLemons Text Block Tutorial on Youtube. I love her easy tutorials because she really shows you how to hide all the icky bits and make it look slick as fuck.

Here is the first page, my May 2016 Calendar. I made a grid on Open Office and then just printed it out and stuck it in, it was way easier than trying to do math. Then I wrote the days of the week on stubs of cute paper and glued them in.

Yes, that does say period. I like to have a rough idea of when i'm going to start pissing blood, so I don't wear nice underwear, you feel me.

The style I wanted for the journal sort of changed mid way, I started with vibrant colours and felt pens, but I didn't really like it, I prefer more neutral colours.

The second page I'm going to show you has two To-Do lists. I just like mixing and matching how I do the titles for each day and how I split up the pages.  I started kind of changing to more neutral colours and less felt tips.
My planner routine basically lets me know what I have to write in at night, in the morning, and in the day as I do shit.

These are my may diary pages. I did one for April too but it was super fugly so I decided not to post it. I just like to pick up bits and bobs when I go about my day that I may be able to glue into my diary page. Its basically a sort of summary of what my goals where, what goals I achieved and what cool stuff I did. I forgot to keep my ticket stub from the cinema so I had to scribble one.

This is an old recipe I glued in, I illustrated this a few months ago in a random notepad just for shits and giggles, but I thought it was totally cute and I didn't just want to throw it out. It's not vegan though so I can't use it anymore, unless I replaced the egg with a flax egg, but I've never tried to use flax eggs so I don't know what to expect.

And this is my fairly empty June Calendar. I don't have a lot going on this month, I'm just kinda waiting around until I go back home and start working this summer.

Here is another little notepad I made, just to scribble down passwords, numbers, other crap that I don't want to scribble in my bullet journal.

And I just thought I'd add this is because it's cute; another mandala, unfinished but I thought it was pretty cute. They're really fun just to doodle when you're stressed or bored or whatever.

Well I hope it won't be another month before I post again, but you know, I'm really lazy.
I'd love to have any advice you have about keeping a bullet journal, too.

See y'all soon !

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