Hi there, remember me ?
Yes, it is I, the phantom blogger who appears for a few months at the beginning of every year, with great aspirations of becoming famous, and when it doesn't happen within those short months, goes back to eating spaghetti in bed.
Although fully aware of my tendency to do so, I'm still going to post something today.

First of all, a few updates: I'm now studying English and Spanish at university. Hopefully i'll be able to do translation after getting my degree (and yes, this time I fully intend to have a degree, and not give up half way through and cry a lot).
I've also really really hardcore gotten into bullet journaling (you can see some quick snaps on my instagram page), so you can expect some bujo related crap in the coming weeks.

Anyway, on with the actual good stuff: I'm going to show you some of the things i've earmarked on amazon for under 40 euros; I have bought some of these and haven't bought others, I have extremely limited funds at the moment because basically i've fucked up so many years of higher education the the government refuse to give me any more money, lol.

Bonsai Trio Kit: 15,99

I have been doing a bit of research (code for "I googled it once") on the benefits of having plants in your home; and let me tell you, there are a fair few. The most important to me is odor reduction. I live with two rats that just fucking shit and piss so much, like I don't even understand how they can produce so many shits. I clean them out all the fucking time, and they smell again so fast. I usually use scented candles, but they're not the best because rats have fragile lungs, and burning things can irritate them and cause respiratory problems; so I figured a plant would be a pretty and functional solution. In this kit you have 3 little pots, and seeds from 3 bonsai trees. Basically you pot that shit up and watch your room become a Japanese garden. Cute, right ?

"Le Plume" Pastel Duo Brush Pens: 23,55

Yeah, cause I don't have 100 dollars to spend on Tombows, lmfao. These look totally cute and I really want some pastel colours, cause I already have a cheapo set of random colors, but they're all super bright and no diggity. These are affordable and cute.

Basically just a load of Washi Tape: 6,99 for 10
Because I cannot tell you how much I fucking love Washi Tape. I would wrap myself in it if i could.

Camtoa Hot / Cold Thermos: 17,80

I drink a lot of tea. I mean a lot of tea. Actually it's usually herbal tea, but still, a butt load of it, like, usually about 10 cups a day; so when I go out, I am always craving tea, and I actually don't have a thermos because I'm poor, but I'm hoping to snag one of these; also, in Starbucks the other day I asked the woman if they filled up peoples thermos' rather than using paper cups (which actually, aren't recyclable), and she said they do! So it's also a pretty environmentally friendly choice, especially if you buy a lot of take away coffee / tea.  I'm trying to reduce my waste and shit.

Oral B Vitality Sensitive Electric Toothbrush: 15,60

Seriously though, this is so cheap. I bought mine back in October of 2016 and I'm so glad I did; it's so affordable, and my teeth are so grateful. My gums don't bleed anymore, and my teeth are silky smooth. Also, it signals you after 2 minutes that you've brushed enough, so you don't have to worry about over / under brushing. Literally, my favorite thing ever.

Stainless Steel Reusable Straws: 7,99

As I mentioned earlier, I'm trying to reduce my waste, and plastic single use straws are one of the worst things you can possibly buy / use. If you love drinking from a straw, consider buying these, they even come with a brush for cleaning, and lets face it, are way prettier than bright plastic ones.

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck 39,99

I've really got into tarot reading recently, and I was looking to buy the perfect deck, and this is it. The drawings are so so so beautiful, like, I would frame every card and put them all on my wall if I could. I honestly considered buying two boxes just for that purpose. Aside from that, they're hella fun and interesting to read, i've had some bad and some good readings, but they're always interesting.

Harry Potter 8 DVD Box Set

All 8 Harry Potter films in one neat box for under 20 euros. Enough said.

SOOOOooooooo yeah, sorry for being all flaky and shit but I never claimed to be anything other than a piece of shit.

Hopefully i'll be back soon, I have so many ideas and so little time (and the little time I have I spend it sleeping).

Happy Friday !

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