There and back again

I spent the entire month of September travelling around the West Coast of the USA. It was completely amazing, and I am so grateful to my in-laws for giving me such an amazing opportunity. I'll never forget a single second.

We made a few stops on the way, but we mainly spent our time in San Francisco, Yosemite and Los Angeles.
We started off in San Francisco, i'd been there already but it wasn't any less awesome. We stayed again in the Castro district which is totally fun and vibrant, and feels really safe. I went thrifting, got some vegan ice cream, went to the De Young museum and the Conservatory of Flowers, it was all really cool. I love SF, and would happily go back any time.
Yosemite was possibly the best place i've seen ever. It was completely breathtaking and my jaw was constantly on the floor. I can't even describe it. I really enjoyed all the chipmunks trying to steal my food too. We stayed in a log cabin with no internet, so I got a lot of reading done (finished the Hunger Games trilogy, read a book about the history of Yosemite and read like 3/4 of the Goblet of Fire).
After that (and a few pit stops), we made it to LA. It was pretty cool, but much less exciting than I expected, it's really big and there isn't really a "centre". There's like lots of good bits all dotted around, so pretty much everywhere involved walking a few miles. I walked all the way to a vegan donut store only to find it closed. I died a little inside. I enjoyed my time there though, I got to play on some old arcade machines at the Santa Monica pier, and swim in the Pacific Ocean at the end of September which is pretty cool. Also I finally tried Veggie Grill and holy fuck, just holy fuck.

I won't natter on about it for ages, i'll just let my roll of film speak for itself. There are more photos on another film that is still in my camera, haven't quite finished it yet.

All photos taken by me on expired Fuji Superia 200 film with my Olympus OM10.


Autumn thoughts

Hello it's me back at it again,

I am writing at 5am while sitting in the living room of my boyfriends family home, with pretty shitty jet lag ruining my whole sleep schedule.
I was in America for the last month, it was crazy amazing, and all I want to do is go back. Like for real, where do americans get off thinking they can have all the best food in the world. I came back to France and was like someone quick take me to Whole Foods and buy me roasted pepper hummus, barbecue kettle chips and dill pickles. Being a vegan in America is so easy, there are vegan burger and pizza places in every neighborhood. I don't know if I would ever want to live in America (or ever could because you know they're dicks about people moving there), but I for sure don't want to stay in France. For a long time I thought we had it pretty sweet here, and yeah it's okay, but it's just not where I want to be. Comparing Paris to London or San Francisco or Barcelona, it's just a fucking dump. People are always saying it's a lovely romantic place, but it literally stinks, everything is expensive as fuck, people are so rude, it's unbelievably polluted, and (maybe unless you're stinking rich) pretty boring.
I don't really know where life will take me, but I hope it's somewhere else. Maybe I'll end up staying here forever, maybe I'll change my mind, who knows.
I had such an amazing time travelling though, and me and Baptiste have realized that travelling makes us happy; I have certain plans in place that move me in a direction of being able to travel more (like getting a drivers licence, and not having more pets after my rats have gone), so when I finish my studies I can see more of the world. I think this epiphany came to me while I was body surfing in the Pacific Ocean on September 25th, I was so ridiculously happy, I couldn't hear anything but the waves, just me and the sea. 

Anyway, sorry for the long ramble. I have been meaning to blog for ages but so much has happened in the last six months, I never know where to start.

See you all next time !

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